Monday, 30 June 2008

Flowers for me!

I always love to receive flowers and these were given to me by my sweet little flower of a daughter Freya as a thankyou for her prom dress. They smell as good as they look. I've almost finished the new bear I've been making and will show some pics tomorrow , I have got a week off work to catch up with jobs that I have to do. Hooray for a break from my day job and Yay to making loads of mess in my craft room WOO HOO x

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Prom Queen.

Pics of my baby girl in her prom outfit that I made , tiara , earrings ,bag and necklace included! So as you can see I've been v busy lately and can't wait to get some bear time . I do have something on the back burner tho..... you can have a sneak peek and there will be more pics following later in the week... ta ta for now x

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Pretty in Pink!

Hello there, just wanted to show you some pics of Rosie now she's dressed! It's been a struggle for me to blog lately as I have been busy making my daughter's prom dress. I can't believe it's my baby's very last day in school , she sits her final exam this afternoon and then we have the long wait for the GCSE results.....Anyway I finally put some clothes on Rosie and gave her a little tweak here and there. I just love the Liberty Kinnear fabric that I made her skirt from, I think it really suits her as she has very subtle blush tones in her fur. Hope you like her , she's on eBay now , have a great weekend ! xxx

Thursday, 5 June 2008


Good morning folks. Sorry about the whingey post yesterday , I've been thinking about the situation and maybe the problem is with me really. Cris feels indifferent about the bears , he neither loves them or hates them and he has the right to think whatever he wants about them . I guess it's hard when someone close doesn't share your passion . I also think that I'm a little embarrassed about it because I'm a grown woman who loves teddy bears but I've gotta get over it!
I showed this little nameless bear to Cris last night and he was surprised cos seemingly to him the little cutie had appeared from nowhere! I'm not gonna be so secretive about my craft any more . Anyway I'm pleased with my new creation , I love the blue eyes and rosy cheeks ( which don't show up too well on the pic) . I tried out a new technique for the nose . I think it's my best bear yet ! There's still some tweaking to be done but there's a certain shyness about this one that I really like. Will show the finished bear next week . x

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Hats versus bears.

Hello, it's been ages since my last post and that's because I've been busy with the hats again. Those damn hats ! I love them and so do other people, I just sold some more today and I know that's good but they're getting in the way of the bears ! Something else that's sabotaging my bear making is my husband! Now I don't mean that literally but I know he doesn't like bears and I'm sure he thinks I've gone quite mad. I can't explain to him how wonderful it is to take a piece of mohair and see it transform in your hands into a bear , he just doesn't get it! I'm embarrassed to admit that I hide any signs of bear making from him . Pathetic I know but it's just easier , I'm really sensitive and can't cope with the fact that he dislikes them , anyway he's gone out so I'm gonna finish the bear that's been a wip for weeks. I'll post the pics later tonight, sorry for moaning on x