Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Back in a jiffy.

My apologies for being gone so long without even saying farewell, the truth is that I never intended to have a break it just kind of happened. I've been busy helping my sister with her wedding and now that she's wed normality can once again take over. It's been a wonderful time of socialising and creativity with lots of effort put in by many clever people. I love weddings but I really don't agree with spending { or borrowing } obscene amounts of money for the big day. This was one of the best that I've been to and it cost a third of the average wedding in the UK. I made the dress together with my girlfriend Corinne. I had the difficult task of making a boned strapless beaded lace and silk bodice to fit my sister's ample bosom and I'm relieved to say that I fulfilled my duty and the bodice was a perfect fit! We had lots of girly nights which were thinly disguised as dress fittings where we'd spend 30 mins on the dress and the rest of the evening eating nibbles and drinking wine { no wonder it took so long to complete }.

Well I must say I missed the bear world and now is about the right time to begin making another bear as it's my grandsons first birthday next week ! Better get my skates on ! Ta ta for now.