Friday, 13 November 2009

Back Home.

Well I'm back with batteries recharged and my creative head swimming with ideas. I had a great time with my sister and only wish that I could go and visit more often , but now that I've conquered my fear of long drives then maybe I will!
The journey down there was going well until a trucker drifted into my lane forcing me to swerve, narrowly missing the central reservation and sending my pulse rate off the scale! It was scarey but I just carried on as I had no choice. It hasn't put me off because I think that I reacted to the situation well enough to avoid a collision - I was in control even if the crazy trucker wasn't!
I didn't get any decent pics while I was in Dorset because I kept forgetting to take my camera when we went out, so no photos I'm afraid.
Hope it's a great weekend for everyone x

Friday, 6 November 2009

Dorset Days.

Just a quick one, I'm off to to visit my sister who lives on the beautiful Dorset coast. Can't wait , I always come back with my batteries recharged feeling totally refreshed. The only downside is that I'm driving down there on my own :-( This is a big step for me as I had a car crash a few years ago ( I was driving ) I've been a very cautious driver ever since....................
Wish me luck it, feels like I'm going on an adventure, better go now, gotta check my tyre pressure. Ta ta for now !

Monday, 2 November 2009

Miss Polly.

Hello , thought you might like to meet my latest mini bear. She's 5" small and a mischievous little madam. Don't tell her I told you but she "borrowed" those pearls from her Mother, you'd never know by that innocent expression on her face. Oh Polly what will we do with you!
She's available now from my Etsy shop, and she'd love you to pay her a visit.