Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Sadie is here!!

My sister Kyla gave birth to a beautiful baby girl last Saturday !!! She's called Sadie which was my Nana's name and I promise I did try and post the good news twice before but lost my connection to the net because of the thunder storms we've been having here. A new member of the family is a true gift and I love the way it changes the dynamics of the whole clan! The youngest members of the family now seem quite grown up , the Grandparents have a new role to play and the parents are set for the most important job in life!!!

I bought the beautiful flower fairy from my talented friend Chyna who has a studio in the craft centre in Manchester, it's a wall plaque for the nursery and completes a set of three, when I get a chance there will be a special little bear too for Sadie.

Congratulations Kyla and Danny!!!

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

The Birthday Girl.

It's my little sister's 29th birthday today and we spent the day enjoying afternoon tea and cakes at a local retreat centre/cafe and relaxing in the sun. My Mum is out of hospital now and was able to join us, my other sister is back from her holiday in Canada and America and things are back to normal again . Phew! My Mum is never ill and this health scare has made me appreciate her more than ever, we're a close family and always enjoy getting together. We all had a lovely day and my sister got the bear that she'd been hinting for !

I knew that she liked the mini bears best and she loves pink so I decided on a clown bear with a pink silk ruff. She called him Freddie and was over the moon with him!!

Happy Bithday Sis xx

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Unfinished Business.

Do you ever start a project and then start another leaving the first one unfinshed? Well I know I do , but this time I managed to muster up enough will to finish it and the result is Molly Pancake Head. I made a few of these bears at the beginning of the year and really enjoyed doing something slightly different for a change. Molly lay languishing in my sewing box without any legs until today when I found her by accident, anyhow I thought I'd put her in my Etsy shop which has been empty for months now! She's there with her friend Moo if you want to pay her a visit. ( You'll need to scroll down a bit to get to the shop )

Tomorrow I'll have some pics to show you of a birthday bear that I've made for my sister, ta ta for now x