Friday, 31 July 2009

A Bear Sale.

Hello there , it's been another long stretch since my last post. Where does the time go? Every day last week seemed to be taken up with family get togethers , there are so many birthdays for me at this time of year including my own which is next Wednesday when I'll be 44. Again where does the time go , it only seems like a week ago since my last one ???
I have been busy making new patterns and bears and still have about 6 in different stages of completion ( my husband would say that I've been having a bear frenzy ) ha ha. I love utilising the pattern drafting skills that I learned in college and it is this that has driven me to make lots of different bears. I also love trying new techniques and experimenting with different fabrics and sizes of bear but I think at long last I have found the type of bear that I enjoy making the most - small to miniature.
For this reason I am going to have a sale of my early and recent bears to clear the way for my new ones. Watch this space for details.

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