Saturday, 1 August 2009

Sugar Plum Kitty.

Sugar Plum is 5" of cute kitty made from black Schulte
mohair with 100% wool paws and inner ears in lilac. She
has matt black English glass eyes, and a pink sparkly
I made her some silk roses and a hand dyed ribbon
bow and lilac tutu. I think her whiskers and bendy tail
( it has wire armature) finish her off nicely.
Sugar is gently weighted with steel shot .

I love experimenting with design and have made many
bears and friends in different styles but now that I have
found my groove I'm selling all my earlier bears at a reduced
price. Sugar Plum is OOAK and is just £25. email me for details.
Grab yourself a bargain!
Scroll down for details of Belle .

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