Friday, 16 May 2008

Fun football and bears.

Hooray for summer ! The sunshine has given me a real boost and I've been spending a lot of time outdoors tidying the garden and sowing seeds , even hand sewing bears ! There's a delicious breeze that blows over from the pennines so that even when the sun is blazing there's usually a little cooling relief . I've had a busy week and Friday has come around very quickly. I went to Manchester on Wednesday ( day of the UEFA cup final ). My sisters were singing with a band in a Albert square where the council had put up a big screen for the fans. They were the pre match entertainment . We took the train into town and from the moment we got into Piccadilly station I wanted to go home! I hate crowds and this was the biggest I'd ever seen , there were 100,000 Rangers fans in M/CR that day , the roads were grid locked but not with traffic , with people! The police had relaxed the law on alcohol consumption in the street and the fans made easy work of drinking the city dry! I have to say that the atmosphere in Albert Square was amazing and the fans were all in good spirit. The band went down well and I eventually relaxed enough to enjoy myself but things soon turned sour when one of the big screens wouldn't work! As you can imagine there were some very angry people ! We made a quick dash to the station and got there just in time for the train to take us home to our peacefully quiet village. I know it's easy for me to say but there was lot of mistakes made that day and a lot of people out to make a quick buck selling alcohol and all because a few men are kicking a bit of leather around on some grass. Sorry I just don't get football! Anyway on a lighter note I've a new bear coming together nicely and should have some pics on Monday. Hope all is well , enjoy the sun and have a great weekend!! xx


mushroommeadows said...

I don't get football either...:)

Anyway, yay for the new bear!!!

Ginie-Lee said...

Hi! New bear not quite finished yet but coming soon x