Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Hats versus bears.

Hello, it's been ages since my last post and that's because I've been busy with the hats again. Those damn hats ! I love them and so do other people, I just sold some more today and I know that's good but they're getting in the way of the bears ! Something else that's sabotaging my bear making is my husband! Now I don't mean that literally but I know he doesn't like bears and I'm sure he thinks I've gone quite mad. I can't explain to him how wonderful it is to take a piece of mohair and see it transform in your hands into a bear , he just doesn't get it! I'm embarrassed to admit that I hide any signs of bear making from him . Pathetic I know but it's just easier , I'm really sensitive and can't cope with the fact that he dislikes them , anyway he's gone out so I'm gonna finish the bear that's been a wip for weeks. I'll post the pics later tonight, sorry for moaning on x

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