Monday, 9 February 2009

Daisy Daisy.

Although I've been keeping a low profile on the blog front , life on the bear front has been quite busy , which I suppose explains why I haven't posted for over a week!

I finished one of my bigger bears for a commission and have almost finished a cute pink cat and I've made a new pattern for a 9.5" bear (a new size for me) . The bear I've made from it is called Daisy, with the long winter showing no sign of letting up I felt like making something to remind me of spring !!

I've made her a lovely lemon skirt in silk dupion and she has a petticoat underneath made from antique Broderie Anglaise, vintage pearls , ribbons and daisies give her the spring feel that I'm yearning for! Daisy is made from a lovely golden mohair with wool paws , a wobble head , and weighted with steel shot . Thanks for taking a peek . Hope you like her, I've made a move back to the style of bear that I enjoyed when I first began making bears. Please email if you're interested in more details. ADOPTED.


customteddys said...

How interesting that you've started working again with one of your older patterns. I, too, got the bug to return to my favorite older pattern. I think we're all linked in some weird and wonderful way. She is lovely, by the way. Hugs, Vicki-Custom Teddys

bunzi said...

daisy is quite lovely! congrats on the commission work. :D

Bumpkin Bears said...

Daisy is such a pretty girl, love her spring dress too.
Hugs, Catherine x

Ginie-Lee said...

Thanks Catherine, can't wait to get out my own spring dresses!!! x