Thursday, 22 January 2009

The Small Hug.

Well look what arrived ! My lovely little bear from Aleta is here! Hooray! What a journey he's had making his way from America all alone only to find himself dumped in my recycle bin! Thanks Postie!!!

He was there overnight because I didn't notice the PARCEL IN GREEN BIN note that had been left. Luckily this was a brand new glass recycling bin so no swigging the dregs from wine bottles for my little bear. There was about 1/2" of rainwater in the bottom of this bin which just goes to show that careful packaging is always wise when sending a bear through the postal system . Aleta had made sure of this and he was dry and none the worse for wear when I unwrapped him! I won this little bear by taking part in a giveaway on Aleta's Silly Bear blog , thank you Aleta I love him!!

The pic shows him with his new moggy pals x

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bunzi said...

lucky! he's a cute one. :)