Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Fifi on eBay !

Little lemon meringue now has a proper name and is on ebay now ! Fifi would love you to pay her a visit x
edit. Oops forgot to put in a link ! Thanks Pam !


Kingfisher Farm said...

hey Ginie-lee put an ebay button on your sidebar so we can find her, or a link in this post! Good luck with your auction, Pam

Kingfisher Farm said...

Its really easy to add a photo with a link, just go to add a picture, and it even has a place to add a link, you dont even have to know html! Keep up the good work this economy dampens buyers spirits but we must press on! Pam

Ginie-Lee said...

Thanks Pam, will try that next time , sometimes I'm a little nervous about using the pc, I don't know why cos I've managed to figure out most things by trial and error :-)
Happy Obama Day x