Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Pretty Plum Fairy and Little Lemon Meringue.

Well at last I've managed to finish my first bear of 2009 and a first ever kitty , woohoo! I really enjoyed dressing them up in their little tutu minis. I went to ballet class as a child and still love all the frills and sparkle that accompany the whole ballet thing although I must say that I don't miss the blisters on my feet and the pulled muscles in my legs! Anyway Miss Plum and Miss Lemon are destined to dance their way over to eBay soon. Let me know what you think it's good to get a bit of feedback , oh and they are quite mini by the way 4" and 4.5", so reasonably small, I'm liking small at the mo . I'm going to order some more mini mohairs and also some silk, has anyone tried the 100% silk plush that around ? I'd be interested to know what it's like. xox


Kingfisher Farm said...

Ginie-Lee these are adorable little handfuls! Such sweetness!! XOXOXXO Pam

Jigpaws said...

Your new little bears are just gorgeous :o)


pussman said...

Hi, the little ones are so cute!
I would love to make one.
Where did you learn it?
Do you happen to know a good tutorial for this on the web?
Yours are just so lovely!
Bye and mini hugs