Wednesday, 20 May 2009

The end of the day.

Well it's nearing the end of the day now and I'm only just getting around to updating my blog. It's been a great day though , you know the days when everything runs smoothly and just falls into place - one of those, which is rare for me. I joined an art group today which is something that I've been meaning to do for some time . I'm so glad I did it at last. I have to confess that I'm more confidant with a needle and thread in my hand than a paintbrush !! I'm already thinking of ways to incorporate thread and textiles into the piece!! The art teacher likes to recycle all kinds of things and one of the best ideas is the one where she turns a discarded video into a box canvas by covering it with cloth cut from old sheets! Will show some pics tomorrow of a painting I bought that's done like this.

I also finished sewing a little grey bear today. He's called Cedric and is going to live in Copenhagen, what a lucky boy!


customteddys said...

Cedric is very sweet! Nice to hear from you and have fun with your new art class. I found that a drawing class I took helped me to draw teddy bear patterns. Hugs from Vicki and the bears

Ginie-Lee said...

Thanks Vicki, I'm sure that I will gain lots from this class. I love being around other creative people, so the social aspect is good too.
Hugs Ginie-Lee xx