Saturday, 22 March 2008

Introducing Storm .

At last I finally get to post some pics of my latest creation. I spent the entire day decorating yesterday and was forbidden to go anywhere near my blog ( my husband and I are aiming to have our dining room decorated by Tues ) . I have to admit we made great progress and I'm pleased with the results but I don't think it's the best way to spend Good Friday!

The rest of the weekend looks more promising as my youngest sis has just got engaged and is having a party tonight to celebrate !! And I'm also looking forward to seeing my other sister Anna who's come up from Dorset with her children. And then of course there's Easter Sunday when I'm going to my friend Tim's baptism, so lots to do.

Anyway here's Storm who didn't turn out quite how I'd expected , as you can see she's a definite girl! I did plan on makin a boy bear but the features were so blatantly feminine that I just went with it. She measures 8 inches and has a wobble neck joint and can stand with ease due to those sturdy legs! She's quite loosely jointed and is weighted so she feels quite life like when in your hand. I think she has a cute quizzical expression but I get the feeling she knows more than she lets on! She wears a pretty vintage lace collar which is removable and has a vintage button fastened to her chest , I love embroidery so I did a little stitchery on her too. She's made with Schulte mohair and lots of love , I plan to put her on Ebay on Monday and she will be my first bear for sale ! Hope you like her , Happy Easter ,

Hugs Ginie-Lee x


Bee said...

It's so cute !!

Ginie-Lee said...

Thanks Bee glad you like her x

**MATTHEW'S BEARS** said...

wow!!! super sweet ickle girl.... you done soooo well, and good luck with her on eBay... can't wait.
speak soon.

Ginie-Lee said...

Thanks Matthew ! Hope you're having a happy Easter !