Wednesday, 12 March 2008


We've had one heck of a storm over night here in the northwest of England, I hardly slept a wink wondering if the roof was going to be blown off! Today is still very windy so I've decided to stay warm indoors and take inspiration from the weather and make a bear called Storm! I want a boy bear with a windswept slightly bedraggled look , I'd also like to give him a wobble head which is something I've not tried before . Wish me luck and I'll leave you with some pics of my first bears x


**MATTHEW'S BEARS** said...

hello i thought i would check out your bloog after the sweet comment you left me:) wow!!! your bears are amazing and sooo small (mega clever you) loves it!:) and only 4 mounths !wow again! you are going to go farrrrr... i am just new myself and have only sold 5 bears but i want to do this 4ever you are right! you just get hooked... cant wait to see them on eBay soon love *matthew* (matthews bears)

Ginie-Lee said...

Hi Matthew thanks for your comment !! I'm really encouraged and cait wait to finish my new bear and get some pics posted!! I'm looking forward to seeing your new creation in full and what's all this 'bout March 28th??? haven't put any of my bears up for sale yet but will do soon (I'm a bit nervous tho) love ginie-lee