Thursday, 13 March 2008

Storm dies down.....

After getting so excited about creating a new bear things have ground to a frustrating halt ! I don't have the right size cotter pins to finish the joints , Fred Aldous in M/cr sell them but I'll have to wait til Saturday cos I'm working tomorrow , why they don't stock them in Sainsbury's I'll never know :-) !!! anyway I may just play around with another idea I've got for a mini cutie ( that'll be ok with thread joints) I've set myself the challenge of making three bears a week and so far so good but running out of supplies could be a major set back . I'll let you know how it goes , hugs Ginie-Lee x


julie said...

Why didn't you order the cotters online. Fred Aldous have a great website and last time I ordered I got next day delivery to my work address.

Ginie-Lee said...

Hey thanks Julie good idea I'm gonna check out the website now ! Ginie-Lee :-)