Friday, 28 March 2008

Special Delivery!!

Hurray my bear making supplies have arrived from Susan at Bear Basics !!! So it's straight back to work on my new creation . I am trying out wood wool for the first time and already I'm loving the texture and fresh smell of it. I can honestly say that I was as excited about opening the parcel as I would be about opening a birthday pressie (even tho I knew what was inside ). Speaking of birthdays it's Matthew's birthday today , why not pop over and send him some birthday greetings ! Anyway I'm itching to make some progress on my bear so no time for pics now , but maybe later..... Have a great weekend , hugs Ginie-Lee x

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Pink to make the bears wink!!

Think I must be going thru a bit of a pink phase at the mo. I found a picture of the most darling old Chad Valley bear and it's given me inspiration to make something with a vintage air about it. I dyed some mohair and to my utter astonishment it's turned out better than I expected and looks v similar to the old bears mohair . Although the pic may not show the true colour , it is a lovely shade of soft faded pink. I've started my pink bear today and am pleased with the results so far!!! The other pics are of some scrummy pink earrings that I made and a photo from my wedding last July .As you can see my husband and I are surrounded by a sea of pink! Pink to make the bears/boys wink ;-)

Saturday, 22 March 2008

Happy Easter Monday!

This blogging business is taking a bit of getting used to , I mean don't get me wrong , I love it, it's just that as with all text sometimes things can be read in a totally different light/context! The other day I left a comment on paula's blog that made it sound like I was facing imminent death when all I was doing was dyeing some mohair ( well actually I did spell dyeing incorrectly ) cringe. Anyway I just want to wish you a Happy Easter Monday and I have some more pics of Millie who I have decided to put in my newly opened Etsy shop, do stop by and say hello to her! I plan to put Storm up for auction on eBay tonight , many Easter hugs Ginie-Lee x

Introducing Storm .

At last I finally get to post some pics of my latest creation. I spent the entire day decorating yesterday and was forbidden to go anywhere near my blog ( my husband and I are aiming to have our dining room decorated by Tues ) . I have to admit we made great progress and I'm pleased with the results but I don't think it's the best way to spend Good Friday!

The rest of the weekend looks more promising as my youngest sis has just got engaged and is having a party tonight to celebrate !! And I'm also looking forward to seeing my other sister Anna who's come up from Dorset with her children. And then of course there's Easter Sunday when I'm going to my friend Tim's baptism, so lots to do.

Anyway here's Storm who didn't turn out quite how I'd expected , as you can see she's a definite girl! I did plan on makin a boy bear but the features were so blatantly feminine that I just went with it. She measures 8 inches and has a wobble neck joint and can stand with ease due to those sturdy legs! She's quite loosely jointed and is weighted so she feels quite life like when in your hand. I think she has a cute quizzical expression but I get the feeling she knows more than she lets on! She wears a pretty vintage lace collar which is removable and has a vintage button fastened to her chest , I love embroidery so I did a little stitchery on her too. She's made with Schulte mohair and lots of love , I plan to put her on Ebay on Monday and she will be my first bear for sale ! Hope you like her , Happy Easter ,

Hugs Ginie-Lee x

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Pics a- comin tomorrow.......

So sorry but I'm just too tired to take any pics of Storm right now. It's been a really horrid day at work and I feel worn out but I promise I will take some tomorrow.
Hugs Ginie-Lee x

Pics a-comin .

Just a quick note before I rush off to work , I plan to show some pics of the finished Storm when I get back tonight . Hope all is well , hugs Ginie-Lee x

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Vintage finds.

On a work day one of my favourite lunch hour pastimes is visiting the local charity shops , it almost makes going to work worthwhile ! Lately I've been looking for anything interesting or quirky to accessorize my bears but the haul has been very meagre indeed. All I've managed to find up to now are a mini straw hat , a wee aran jumper and some vintage fabric. However I did find these , a boxed set of Jane Hissey's Old Bear collection!! I remember these books from when my kids were still small and I used to read them bedtime stories every night ( regularly falling asleep before they did, book still in hand ).I know that you can probably still buy these books new and they are not really vintage but I think you'll agree the subject matter certainly is! The illustrations are simply beautiful and a great source of inspiration . Lovely Old Bear I miss those days................

Friday, 14 March 2008

So glad it's Friday , I'm really looking forward to getting back to my unfinished bears and relaxing over the weekend . I found some lovely vintage fabric today in the form of a pinny and I know it's sacrilege but I think it would cut up nicely and make a dress for one of my bears !! It's in blues and greens and has a spring feel about it . The light has gone now so I'll show you a pic next time , have a great weekend , hugs Ginie-Lee x

ps , I know the photo is totally unrelated to my post but I had to show something it feels weird not to !!!

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Storm dies down.....

After getting so excited about creating a new bear things have ground to a frustrating halt ! I don't have the right size cotter pins to finish the joints , Fred Aldous in M/cr sell them but I'll have to wait til Saturday cos I'm working tomorrow , why they don't stock them in Sainsbury's I'll never know :-) !!! anyway I may just play around with another idea I've got for a mini cutie ( that'll be ok with thread joints) I've set myself the challenge of making three bears a week and so far so good but running out of supplies could be a major set back . I'll let you know how it goes , hugs Ginie-Lee x

Wednesday, 12 March 2008


We've had one heck of a storm over night here in the northwest of England, I hardly slept a wink wondering if the roof was going to be blown off! Today is still very windy so I've decided to stay warm indoors and take inspiration from the weather and make a bear called Storm! I want a boy bear with a windswept slightly bedraggled look , I'd also like to give him a wobble head which is something I've not tried before . Wish me luck and I'll leave you with some pics of my first bears x

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

LoveLee blogs.

Hello and welcome to my new blog . I have ended up with this blog thinking that I was just starting a google account so that I could leave comments on other blogs ! Anyway in for a penny in for a pound as they say! I've been with typepad for a couple of months and have just discovered that a whole new world of bear artists and community exists over here at blogger and I wanna join in the fun. I've been making bears for about 4 months now so I'm still a fledgling bear artist but definately hooked. Pop by and say hello x